Packaging and storage

Packaging and storage

Packaging and storage

Here at EVASA we take care of every detail of the manufacturing process for our SOLARCAP® encapsulant, even down to the packaging. The temperature and humidity of our factory is monitored at all times in order to offer you the highest quality product.

Once the SOLARCAP® product enters our customers’ facilities, it must be protected from heat and humidity and should not be stored anywhere where the temperature exceeds 30ºC. The original packaging should not be opened until the moment of use in order to avoid reduction of the product quality due to dust or humidity.

Materials that have been opened but are required for re-use should, whenever possible, be kept in the original packaging and protected from the inclemencies of the weather.


  • Standard packaging: Black polyethylene bags. These ensure the properties of our product for six months (from the date of manufacture)
  • Premium packaging: Aluminium Bags. These ensure the properties of our product for nine months (from the date of manufacture).

We recommend using aluminium bags, particularly if you are thinking of storing the product for a period of time. This ensures the quality of both the EVASA product and the customer module.

Each roll of SOLARCAP is individually packaged.