Our commitments

Our commitments

Our commitments

Our objective is to achieve a positive impact on society and demonstrate this commitment through a variety of means, such as via our brand names, via our operations and business relationships and via voluntary contributions, amongst others. We are also committed to the on-going improvement of our environmental impact management model and to the development of a sustainable business model. Our commitments are:

1. Ethical

We have a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which reflects our commitment to operating in accordance with the principles and standards contained therein.

2. With our suppliers and the financial community

Our policy regarding our suppliers and the financial community in general seeks to establish, over time, a direct, personal and stable relationship with all the organisations involved. This relationship should be based on permanent collaboration, transparency, sincerity and the reliability of any information provided.

3. With our customers

Our primary objective is to satisfy the real needs of our customers. We offer ourselves in the role of an accessible, proactive partner, and are recognised for our approachability with regard to our customers’ strategies and for our role as a long-term, trustworthy partner.

4. With our human resources

We consider it essential to recognise and identify the human resources within our organisation and to implement the policies necessary to retain this talent.

5. With the environment

We regulate the environmental impact of our activity by identifying, classifying and treating the various types of waste generated during the manufacturing process.

6. With society

Since 2011, EVASA has been part of the  United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) , and subscribes to the commitments of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption contained therein. The Ten Principles of Global Compact are treated with maximum respect and importance and we share our vision of corporate social responsibility via our Progress Report, which summarises the results attained during the previous year.

In 2013, EVASA became part of the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination, an initiative promoted by La Caixa and GAVI Alliance whose objective is to promote and channel the contributions made by businesses who wish to take part in the struggle against infant mortality.

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