Our Actions

Our Actions

EVASA’s commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) takes the form of beneficial policies producing specific results:

Committed to the GLOBAL COMPACT

EVASA has been a member of the United Global Compact since 2011, an initiative promoting ten principles related to human, labour and environmental rights as well as fight against corruption. Adhesion to Global Compact is voluntary and entities signing the pact are committed to defending and disseminating the 10 principles, as well reporting on developments in managing their application. Each year, EVASA provides details of these developments, submitting progress reports.

Committed to the struggle against gender violence

We are signatories to a protocol for detecting and addressing situations of gender violence both inside and outside the workplace. Through adhesion to this protocol, EVASA includes violence prevention in the domestic environment as a form of voluntary social action in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Memberhsip of GAVI

Nearly 8 million of children under 5 die in the world each year. That’s why La Caixa and its social work, in collaboration with GAVI Alliance, promote the Business Alliance for Child Vaccination. In 2013 EVASA joined this alliance, whose main objective is to promote and direct company contributions aimed at combating child mortality.

Traning and awareness raising

EVASA’S principal commitment to CSR is designed to make a major positive impact that transcends our company, extending to our suppliers and outsourcing companies in accordance with our action protocol. Besides assessing and monitoring all environmental aspects related to our activities, we have developed a comprehensive training and awareness, raising plan targeting to our workers, and ensuring that all our activities are environmentally-friendly. When assessing and selecting suppliers, we also take into account a series of environmental criteria.