Lamination cycles

Lamination cycles

Solarcap encapsulants can be distinguished by the wide range of working temperatures and lamination times they allow, making them easily adaptable to the customers’ existing work schedules. It goes without saying that our technical team is available for consultation regarding the most suitable formulation for the customers’ particular requirements and expectations.

Material Temperature (ºC) Vacuum Time (min) Curing Time (min) Gel content (%)
Fast Cure 145-150 4 9-10 >85
Ultra Fast Cure 148-152 4 7-8 >85
PID FREE 150-155 4 8-9 >85

The cycle time may change according to the laminator, module design, temperature and targeted cross linking degree. The information contained herein is a general guideline for single chamber laminators.

Solarcap Fast Cure encapsulants allow the attainment of high quality modules with a gel content over 85% in just 14 minutes at a working temperature of 145ºC. If you wish to reduce your working times, our Solarcap Ultra Fast Cure encapsulants allow customers to work with 10-12 minute cycles at a temperature of 150ºC.