About us

About us

About us

In many respects we consider ourselves like a community that shapes and guides our project by working collectively within a framework of shared values and business objectives.

We are a company with a strong technological base and a focus on innovation. Manufacturing specialisation and marketing strategies allow us to offer tailor-made solutions in a variety of industrial areas. We have a 2 GW manufacturing capacity and market our products under the brand names SOLARCAP® and EVALAM. All products have been chemically enhanced to provide structural support, insulation, protection and transparency.

Since it was  founded in 2006, EVASA has had an international focus. Our awareness of the globalisation of the market in which we operate has led us to develop a business and logistics network that consists of first-rate professionals with an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing processes and requirements of our customers. This has resulted in efficient technical services and distribution channels that ensure delivery to any part of the world.

The rapid advances made by EVASA, coupled with our business strategy, have allowed us to become one of the principal world providers of encapsulants. Our successes, which have their origins in our development strategy and our approachability, have resulted in our products being utilised in over twenty countries. This international reputation has taught us that there are no borders preventing us from sharing our culture for quality and efficiency with our customers.

With the sole objective of providing a response to new industry challenges, we are committed to on-going improvements in our products, a perspective that has been decisive in the attainment of important innovations and advances. We consider ourselves as our customers’ partners and our workforce is fundamental to our operational model. Experience coupled with human and technical resources are all assets that are at the service of our customers’ R+D departments.

While our focus is on innovation, we remain heedful of the more day-to-day aspects of our business, in particular those that influence product reliability and operational efficiency. We are well aware that success consists of doing extraordinary things, but it can only be achieved if we manage to do the everyday things extraordinarily well.