Quality assurance is fundamental to EVASA, which is why we have equipped our laboratories with the most up-to-date technologies that allow us to both guarantee the highest quality standards and perform in-depth research into our product range in order to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

All products manufactured by EVASA are tested under our quality control programme in order to guarantee their properties and homogeneity. Nothing leaves our facilities without a seal of approval from our quality control department.



Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL) is a global independent company with renowned technical capacity and more than a century of expertise safety solutions. Solarcap encapsulants have been evaluated and meet the applicable requirements, being recognized by UL. Our certifications may be consulted on the UL web site by clicking here and searching for ‘EVASA’.


Our SOLARCAP products are UL-certified and have been officially recognised with a Certificate of Compliance from TÜV, making us the first company in the world to submit their encapsulant to the TÜV Rheinland laboratories in Cologne for the following series of tests under EN IEC 611215:2005 regulations:

  • Damp heat: Test temp. 85 ºC, relative humidity 85%/ 1000h
  • UV pre-conditioning test
  • 50 Thermal cycles: between -40 / 85ºC, cycle 6h
  • Humidity freeze: Temp. 85 ºC, relative humidity 85% (approx. 20h), at -40ºC, cycles 10
  • Gel content measurement
  • Measurement of adhesion to glass
  • Light transmission measurement (UV/VIS absorption)
  • Measurement of photo-thermal stability
  • Shrinkage measurement (before and after thermal treatment)

Modules that have been manufactured with standard components and include our new PID Free Solarcap® FC300033E/A-PF encapsulant have passed specific PID tests by the TÜV laboratories with losses below 2%.

  • 168 hours, -1000 V (dc), room temperature, covered with aluminium foil.

This represents yet another step in our commitment to quality. The tests performed and the results obtained are proof that our encapsulant has the required characteristics and behaviour for the lamination of photovoltaic modules. One should bear in mind that the encapsulant represents barely 3% of the overall cost but guarantees the quality of the remaining 97%.


On the 20th of September, 2011, the accreditation organisation AENOR conferred EVASA with ISO 9001 certification, which recognises the implementation of a quality control management system as part of an ambitious and dynamic plan for the attainment of operational excellence.

On the same date, our concern for the environmental behaviour of the organisation led to the attainment of a certification corresponding to the implementation of an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001.

This system allows us to avail of an internal structure to control the environmental impact of our activity while maintaining an efficient management system for its on-going improvement.

The ISO 14001 management system serves to implement environmental improvements and certify their meticulous application and is implemented through a variety of processes which are audited both internally and externally.


The accreditation agency AENOR has conferred EVASA with the internationally recognised IQ-Net certification, which is highly regarded in all international markets.


aenoriqnet AENOR: Quality, Environmental & IQNet Certificates
tuv TÜV Certificate of Compliance
ul UL Certificate