10 advantages of SOLARCAP

10 advantages of SOLARCAP


1. Shrinkage:

SOLARCAP products are characterised by their negligible shrinkage, which is less than 1%. By avoiding shrinkage during the lamination process we eliminate the residual tensions generated in the polymers, which means that module components do not move during the lamination process. We also achieve a higher temperature ramp, thereby facilitating reuse of the product and a reduction in the cost of the process.

2. Texture:

SOLARCAP products have a texture which facilitates the evacuation of air and, in addition, avoids premature adhesion, which may cause bubbling.

3. Lamination cycles:

Working with our encapsulant, one realises that SOLARCAP products can help improve processes by reducing the lamination cycles, thereby increasing production, while, at the same time, minimising rejection due to bubbling and cell movement. Thanks to collaboration with the major laminator manufacturers, we are continually advancing, in some cases reducing complete lamination cycles with certain formulas and materials to as little as 5.5 minutes.

4. Photothermal stability (Discolouration):

SOLARCAP products are especially formulated to ensure maximum photothermal stability, which in turn ensures minimal discolouration over the years.

5. Light transmission:

SOLARCAP products allow light transmission over 91%.

6. Gel content:

SOLARCAP products obtain a very high gel content, which is normally over 87% and, on occasion, over 90%.

7. Adhesion:

SOLARCAP products provide the best adhesion on the market: 8.5N/mm

8. Fast delivery:

EVASA guarantees very short delivery times, between 1 and 5 weeks, depending on quantity and delivery point.

9. Personalised attention:

EVASA offers pre- and post-sales technical support in order for the customer to optimise the lamination cycles, learn more about the product and make the best of its advantages. Our head of customer services will either channel your enquiries according to their nature or put you in direct contact with the head of the corresponding department.

10. Reliability and flexibility:

We work to rigorous efficiency parameters, thereby allowing us to maintain our competitive advantage in all areas of the company: product quality, service excellence, innovation, and our ability to adapt to specific customer requirements.